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Diaper Girls Fetish


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Oct 1, 2015
Bella Bird, Mistress Scarlet - Bratty Bella Spanked and Diapered

It is bedtime and although Bella is in her bed, she has no intention of going to rest. StepMom comes up to check on her girl and tuck her in but the naughty brat says she needs a little longer to settle down as she is reading. She decides to give her a chance to get tired but after the second and third attempts at refusing to settle down, she decides that this behavior is unacceptable. Bella answers back by bratting, and pouting then acts like a little spoiled baby so StepMommy reminds her that this behavior is dealt with by humiliating discipline! She is taken out of the bed and over the maternal lap for a hand spanking across her bare bottom. The brat's cheeks soon turn a burning red and as the naughty minx feels the warmth of stepmommy's hard hand, she is reminded that since she acted like a baby she will be treated as one... by wearing a large crinkling diaper to bed. Bella can't believe this is happening as AtepMommy fetches the diaper and the all-important baby powder. She is spread and her privates are fully exposed, as they are cleaned and powdered, with the telltale odor of baby powder filling the bedroom. Once Bella is taped into her cute pink diaper the humiliation due to her poor behavior is complete. Now she can hear the loud crinkle of the snug-fitting undergarment like the noise babies make overnight. Bella learns not to argue and annoy her StepMommy in the future at bedtime!

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Time: 00:15:11
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